Honda Prelude Resources

You can find almost anything on the Internet. While working on my 2nd generation and 3rd generation ludes, I have found the Internet to be a tremendous help. Some of the sites out there are really good, and it would be a crime for me not to share what I've found. If you're seeking information on Honda Preludes, these are the places to go.

Awesome Forums

I have found forums to be more helpful when it comes to Preludes than anything else on the net. This is because on a forum, you can literally benefit from the knowledge of thousands of people. Here are a few of my favorites. If you're interested in Honda Preludes, I strongly suggest joining one, or both, of the following forums.

Honda Prelude Forum at

Where forums are concerned, my loyalty lies here. is awesome, and the people that frequent this site are both very friendly and very knowledgeable. My experience has shown me that is an excellent place to get information, without worrying about getting flamed. Pay them a visit.

I also enjoy a frequent visit to Prelude Power. There is a small army of Honda Prelude enthusiasts on this site at any time, and they can be very helpful. I haven't found Prelude Power to be quite as friendly as HPOA, but the sheer volume of information and members has advantages.

Great Honda Prelude Resources

There are a few sites out there that are incredibly informative. My respect goes out to those that created them, because the information I found was tremendously helpful. Here are some of my favorites.

Chris's 3rd generation Prelude

Chris is a legend among 3rd generation Prelude enthusiasts. Take a look at his projects and you'll see why. Chris does super-clean work, and he's even nice enough to share some of his goodies with the rest of us. Pay him a visit, he's got lots of good things to read.

If you're interested in making some mods to your 3rd generation Prelude, this is a great place to start. MustardCat does wonderful work to 3rd gens, and his articles are very helpful.