In years past, I was a founding member of a great forum dedicated to Honda Preludes and their enthusiasts. The forum is now closed to active participation, however it remains a great resource for information.

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My Interest in Honda Preludes

Anyone who knows me knows all about my immense attachment to Honda Preludes. To me, a Honda Prelude is a marvelous machine, and I have spent many a happy evening working on these beautiful cars with good friends. Logically, I had to have a page on my website to share my experiences with these cars. I want to share the things I've learned, the things I'm planning, and all the fun I've had in between.

I've had the privilege of owning 3 preludes, two 1986 Special Edition models, and more recently, a 1991 SE-SR ALB. I lost the first of my 86s to a collision with a deer, and the other I drove until it had very little life left. These cars have been the focal point of numerous projects in which I have found myself doing everything from body work to electrical repairs.

I am especially interested in tuning engines and vehicle dynamics, this is where I focus the majority of my energy. I believe that proper engine tuning begins with a firm understanding of the principles involved. Anyone can bolt on an exhaust system, but a true tuner can tell you why it works. This is the source of my passion for cars. I care very little about how many parts I've bolted on, I just care about how much I've learned in the process. I don't know everything yet, but I'm working on it.

A big shout out to all my fellow Prelude enthusiasts. I hope that you will find the things I post here helpful to your own projects. If any of you are the proud owner of a 3rd generation Prelude, please get in touch with me and maybe we can share some knowledge. I'm also interested in hearing from owners of 2nd generation Preludes and 4th generation Preludes. You can reach me by email at prelude AT harleyc DOT com. I'm interested in any technical information, procedures, mods, or repair tips that have worked well for you. If you have information that you feel would benefit Prelude owners, let me know and I'll post it and recognize you as the author.

If you are thinking about buying a Prelude, don't hesitate, buy one. Any Prelude bulletin board is evidence of the immense pleasure these cars are to own. True, they're not the fastest cars on the market, but they are incredibly fun to drive, and any real car enthusiast will tell you this is more important than straight line speed. Which Prelude you buy is up to you. Each generation of Prelude has a unique feel. Personally, I like the third generation Preludes the best, but that's just me.