Android Apps

In my spare time, I enjoy writing mobile applications for Android smartphones. The following are my currently offered titles.

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Net Worth Calculator

Platform: Android

Overview: Net Worth Calculator enables you to easily calculate, track and visualize your net worth. With Net Worth Calculator, you can efficiently track your asset and liability values over time. Net Worth Calculator then uses your values to create charts that show the raw values, percent change and daily percent change of your personal net worth over time. By tracking and charting your net worth, Net Worth Calculator can help you understand your financial progress and help you spot trends that will assist you with long term prosperity and wealth.

My Radar Screenshot
Android app on Google Play

My Radar

Platform: Android

Overview: My Radar makes it fun to track and locate items and places of interest to you. Using My Radar's bright radar display you can easily track locations in relation to your current global position. It's a fun way to find your car, your friends, your home or any other place you want.

At launch, My Radar features a radar screen with a built in compass that twists as you move. The radar distance range can be scaled to help you located your saved locations. Each saved location is plotted on the radar screen and indicated by a marker colored by you. Individual radar markers can be selected to show the distance and bearing from your current position.

New markers can be added to the radar screen using the on-board map available in both road or satellite views. To make it even easier to find locations of interest, My Radar also allows you to search for places of interest by Latitude and Longitude or by keyword.

My Radar operates in both metric and imperial units and can be set to prevent screen dimming for use while driving. Your current location in My Radar is derived from either your mobile network or GPS. Using the GPS feature, you'll be able to watch the radar adjust as you draw closer to your targeted marker.

My Radar is the perfect tool to make finding your car, your home or other places a lot of fun!