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Prelude Write Ups

While working on my Honda Preludes, I've learned a thing or too, and had a lot of fun. I know there are a lot of other people out there who have a similar passion for Preludes, and it would be a really big shame if I didn't share what I have learned with them. I encourage you to read what myself and others have written. This hobby should be all about sharing, and appreciating what others have done. Turn those wrenches.

3rd Generation Prelude Write Ups

Intake Manifold Clean Up
Written By: Harley C -
Synopsis: Step by step instructions on how to remove the throttle-body and upper half of the manifold from a 3rd generation prelude. The article is based on work done to a B21A1 engine, but would be applicable to preludes with other engines.
Car Model: 1991 Honda Prelude SR
Engine Model: B21A1

Painted Calipers and Rotors
Written By: Harley C -
Synopsis: Ever wanted to paint the calipers on your third generation prelude? Now you can! This article details the steps needed to remove, clean, and paint brake components. The contents of this article could be easily applied to other vehicles.
Car Model: 1991 Honda Prelude SR
Engine Model: B21A1

Painted Exhaust Manifold Heat Shield
Written By: Harley C -
Synopsis: Exhaust manifold heat shields can get pretty gross sometimes. These directions will explain how to tidy things up a little bit. All you need is some wrenches and paint.
Car Model: 1991 Honda Prelude SR
Engine Model: B21A1

JDM B20A Engine Swap
Written By: Alan -
Synopsis: General instructions detailing a JDM B20A engine swap into a 3rd generation Prelude. Includes parts list and basic procedures. These instructions could easily be applied to other 3rd generation Prelude models.
Car Model: 1990-1991 Honda Prelude
Engine Model: B21A1

Shortening the Shifter
Written By: Harley C -
Synopsis: Instructions on how to shorten the shifter of your Prelude. These instructions were written for 3rd generation Preludes, but could easily be applied to other cars. You'll need a tap & die set to complete this project, and a set of basic tools.
Car Model: 1991 Honda Prelude
Engine Model: B21A1
Buy Now!:  You can buy one of my short shifters in my Prelude Store. This might save you having to buy special tools, and the labor time.

Fixing a Leaking Power Steering Pump
Written By: Harley C -
Synopsis: Instructions on how to replace the shaft oil seal on a Honda Prelude power-steering pump. This solves a common problem in Preludes where the pump seal fails and ends up spraying PS fluid all over the engine bay and on the underside of the hood.
Car Model: Write up based on a 3rd generation Prelude, but the procedure would likely work on any Prelude.
Engine Model: Any

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